"Summer is coming, I like to drink yogurt, I haven't played for baking. I have to buy a boxed yogurt. Although the boxed yogurt is convenient to carry, but there are many attached in the inner wall of the carton and have a lot of waste, and later I bought a bread machine, use it as yogurt, put the material at night, awakening, yogurt is done, plus nuts, mango, fruit sauce, a family taste takes care of it. "


Made of milk 750 grams, 1 gram of old yogurt powder, 30 grams of white sugar, one, blueberry, blueberry sauce, nutty amount, sour taste, baking process, ten minutes, simple difficulty, simple difficulty,

Three-flavored yogurt practice steps

1 Prepare pure milk, white sugar and yogurt powder.

2 yogurt cups have turned down after boiling water.

3 Pure milk is added to the white sugar mixing.

4 Add yogurt powder to stir well.

5 Mixed milk pour into the yogurt cup.

The 6 yogurt cups are put into the bread cavity, start yogurt procedures for 8 hours.

7 milk has become a yogurt after a night of fermentation.

8 put on the yogurt cup, mixed nuts, blueberry sauce.

9 The old yogurt made by himself will not flow.


1. The stocholygery of the old yogurt powder is better, or the ordinary yogurt powder can also be used. 2, yogurt powder should be frozen. 3. The material with yogurt is put according to the preference.