"It's orange, orange bread, orange orange skin, and what you eat? Hey ~ You can try it with just a good yogurt"


Significant fragrant orange skin, 1 liter of milk, excipient white sugar, 2 bags of probiotics, sweet taste, mixing process, time consumption, simple difficulty,

Patient steps for sugar orange skin yogurt

1 made yogurt one day in advance.

2 The small box in the clean yogurt machine is washed, first poured a small amount of milk, add TWO bag, stir evenly.

After the strain is completely dissolved, the remaining milk is added.

4 Cover the upper cover, add the yogurt machine, select the "yogurt" button and press "confirm". I did it at night, I woke up in the morning.

5 Solid yogurt, cover, put it in the refrigerator.

6 orange meat and orange peel separated, orange peel is broken, and the orange meat is eaten. Our home is a Philipper mixer, it is recommended to use two files to break some.

7 orange peeling mix with sugar (the amount of sugar is added to the entrance), marinated at least HALF hours.

8 a few spoons of yogurt into a small bowl.

9 and then pick up a small spoonful orange peel.

10 When you eat, a little sugar marinated orange skin with a spoonful of yogurt, very delicious, a taste is very special.