"The supermarkets have few degrease yogurts, they are doing to solve the soul, and they will give the treasure."


Main material degreasing milk 1000ml, 50 grams of goat milk powder, accessories probiotics 1.5 pack, sour sweet taste, other processes, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for homemade skisted yogurt and goat milk yoghurt

1 Prepared that the 250ml yogurt cup is 4, 135ml of the one-on-one shot of a small cup (which can only be loaded with 100ml, then install, more, come out, a cup), soup spoon, milk pot; all tableware Hot spare.

2 skim milk 250ml four bottles, goat milk powder, yogurt bacteria

3 The skim milk is placed in the milk pot, putting a bag of sour cream, mixing the cup;

4 goat milk powder 80 grams, warm water 420ml, 20 grams of white sugar (no 放 太 多), Half checkered bacteria, mix uniform cup;

5 put in water sauce cooker, set it to yogurt mode;

After 6 nine hours, skis is very thick. Bamboo

7 Goat milk did not contact the water, no solidification, returned to once, and it was very good.


Slic yogurt did not put sugar, taste, I habished it for a few days! Try to put the xylitol