"I finally decided that it was a bit faster, I made my yogurt, using roses sauce, made a rose yogurt. You can make your own equipment. Specially, yogurt machines; compatible, bread machine, oven ~ but it is too lazy to use them, It is staring on the rice cooker that has been placed on the countertop. This guy doesn't have a yoghurt function, but it does not hinder it to turn the flowing milk into a solid yogurt. Because of the thick liner and a closed cover. Do not use electric power, Absolute energy-saving province. Just a little bit of water. It is closed with a flat plate to open the water in the bottom, which can prevent ironing strains, and maintain a sufficient temperature. Look at the plate to draw a plate, prevent the abrasion Directation, you can also make the temperature not to pass too fast. Add the milk bottle of milk in the plate, the remaining is just waiting for one night, then harvest the solidified yogurt in the next morning. In this early summer season, Yogurt has been able to solidify very well .... After joining the strain, put the petals in the rose sauce into the milk, you can turn a cup of planted yogurt into rose yogurt. Although a simple rose petal does not Brings enough sweetness to yogurt, but it can make it a faint rose ..... "


Main material pure milk 1000 ml, rose sauce55 gram, accessories yogurt powder 1 pack, sweet taste, other processes, hours time, simple difficulty,

Low carbon environmental protection rose yogurt practice steps

1 Number of materials: Rose Sauce55 grams, yogurt powder 1 pack, pure milk 1000 ml.

2 Pour the strains into the container and add a little milk to stir until the bacterial powder dissolution.

3 Add the remaining milk, stir well.

4 Add Rose Sauce.

5 Stir and stir well.

6 Pour into your yogurt.

7 covered the cover.

8 Take a flat plate.

9 Pour the appropriate amount of boiling water in the rice cooker.

10 Put the tray of the bag taracota in the rice cooker, the water should not have a disk surface, and organize the drawer.

11 Place the yogurt cup on the flat plate.

12 cover the cover and stand on a night.

13 times open.

14 yogurt solidified, complete.


This method is not refreshed in the early summer time, and does not necessarily guarantee the success rate in other seasons. Rose Sauce can also be replaced with other fruit sauce, doing results sauce yogurt.