"Sweet potato has been used as a nutritionist as a food, nutritional, and its heat is only one-third of the heat generated by the same weight rice, and there is almost no fat and cholesterol. Eat sweet potato is beneficial to human healthAnd have a certain weight loss. "


Ingredients, rice, soy milk, soy milk, plastic, brunette, sweet taste, mixing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice of sweet potato yogurt cup

1 Grilled six pots of honey.

2 Stripinate the pit.

3 Cut the small piece with a spoon.

4 mango yogurt poured in the amount.

5 sprinkle the sunny oatmeal, and cut the tea chocolate embellished with small particles.

6 finished products.

7 finished products.


Sweet potatoes don't eat too much, so as to avoid abdominal discomfort such as sorrow, iliac or bloating.