"Mi Lu is a drink, you can drink cold drinks, it is very good. There is also a bit of chocolate taste, so I am deeply affected by the elderly and children. Today I use Mercure Jelly. The taste is sweet with rich chocolate Flavor, my baby also a lot! Very good, try !! "


Main material Yancan 30g, accessories with magnania leaves, sweet taste, seasoning process, one hour time, simple difficulty,

Green chocolate jelly practices

1 ingredients: Yancan - 30g Chanilo Leaves - (You can not put) white sugar - Personal Treatment of Mercure - Appropriate amount of water - moderation

2 First, add water and Banran leaves, then cook until boiling.

3 Cook it until water. The basti silk should be cooked as a stirring, and it will not stick to the bottom of the pot.

4 is then added to sugar.

5 is also cooked to water.

6 I will turn off the fire, I have a HALF share to add a green powder, and another is the original.

7 special cool pour into the right amount of beautiful green jelly in the container. It is slightly solidified. Pour the right amount of original jelly. Repeated.

8 After the refrigerator is refrigerated, it will be taken out after an hour.


Intimate: Chamli leaves are a tropical green plant, with a very unique natural aroma, which can add food to a new and sweet taste.