"The osmanthus is also known as Jiu-grain, taste, tempered, has a cough and sputum, healthy and lungs. In order to do this jelly, this is the first time I bought osmanthus, when I opened the packaging, I suddenly smelled a burst of sputum.Osmanthus fragrance, the fragrance is fresh and fascinating, peaceful, peace of mind! The osmanthus passes through the jelly yellow color, the transparent is very beautiful. Just like elegant women ... "


Main material vegetable floating 2TSP, 1 tablespoon of osmanthus, accessories cold water 500 ml, ingredients 60 grams, sweet taste, flavoring process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for osmanthus jelly

1 Raw material: Vegetable flour 2TSP white sugar 60 grams of cold water 500 ml osmanthus 1 tablespoon.

2 vegetable swallowns and sugar stir evenly.

3 Add cold water in powder.

4 Stir slowly at a small fire.

5 Add osmanthus.

6 Continue to cook a few minutes to let the osmanthus into the taste.

7 After pouring the material into the vegetable swallow, stirring with chopsticks when the bastle is solidified, and the osmanthus is evenly distributed in the ocean.The refrigerator is placed all over the cooling.

8 finished chart @@ 花 果冻.