"The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and there are also dazzling of various Moon Cake in the mall. It is purely to make jelly Moon Cake. Colorful colors, cool and slippery, good taste."


Ingredients of 2 teaspoons, accessories for water 450 ml, coconut milk 50 ml, milk 1 tablespoon, the amount of the cotton leaves, the amount of edible pigment, the sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Jelly Moon Cake practice steps

1 Ingredients: Ballu Nettle - 2 teaspoon, sugar -50 grams, water - 450 ml, coconut milk-50 ml milk-1 tablespoon, the rosy, diamond - number (no can not put) edible pigment

2 Take a milk pot, add Yancai, sugar and clear water.

3 Put incenilo leaves, no.Use a small fire to roll.

4 Add a coconut slurry to stir.

5 Add milk to continue to stir.

6 Cook to the small bubble, detail the pills.

7 parts of 4 equivalents, add edible pigments.

8 finished chart @@ 丽 果果 Moon Cake.