"My son's birthday. I made him a strawberry yogurt cake. The son can be happy. See the cake, ask me:" Mom, is your birthday cake you do? "I said yes. Is my mother done for you, Feng Feng likes? "I like it, thank you mother", I will come to myself. Ha! This is my first birthday cake for my son, I am very happy to see him so happy. "


Significant low-gluten flour 40 grams, chestnut flour, 200 grams of coil, 50 grams of butter, 60 grams of fine sugar, sweet taste, roasted process, one hour time, advanced difficulty,

Strawberry Jelly Yogurt Cake Practice Steps

1 butter melts and mixed yogurt mix.

2 Add the egg yolk one by one, add one stir again.

3 Add flour to stir well.

4 proteins were added three times to add sugar to harace to hard foam. The protein and egg yolk were mixed with a rubber scraper from below.

5 Pour into the antechronic cake mold, raise the cake and drop TWO, shock the big bubble, put the preheated oven, baked for 60 minutes.

6 Baked cakes and letake it. No need to be inverted. At this time, I am ready to make a strawberry jelly. After adding strawberry QQ sugar to the warm water, add milk to the milk and stir well, and then put it into the already cool yogurt cake, put it into the refrigerator for four hours.

7 Cut the pattern with a heart mold. Wave a disc, open it.

8 Pretty and delicious strawberry yogurt cakes are very happy.

9 will come back.