"The jelly bought outside is not said, there is not much real juice, I don't feel relieved to the child, I don't worry, I don't have the same, real material, delicious, delicious, add the jelly mouth of the plotgood!"


Animal papaya, 15 grams of agar, 300 grams of water, periose, sweet taste, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Papaya jelly practices

1 agar first in cold water for 10 minutes

2 will expand soon

3 papaya to cut the seeds, dig up the flesh, and leave a fruit effect properly.

4 discharge machine

5 hit papaya mud

6 in the pot, boil, put the foamed agar stir, to the agar dissolved

7 plus appropriate amount of sugar, stir well, (of course, add rock sugar better)

8 pour the papaya pump into the mix

9 stir evenly

10 Pour any of the mold, put it slightly in the refrigerator Half, the results are frozen, and the buck is released!(Forgot to take photos of the small flower silica film, put the cup bowl to release only the knife can be easily demolded on the side of the edge)