"You are willing to use bowls, use pots, lunch boxes, use 啥, use more to eat more face pots, no one says you, anyway, you don't want to give up! But you want to pay attention to it. Have time, not afraid, willing to toss, you can try the three-color jelly recommended today. It is not difficult to do it, it is a fee, which is empty. When you do it, you will take it at home. It is very interesting. After the finished product came out, I looked at it. If I gave a welcome friend when I was banquet, I also had a face! "


Mask red grape juice a bottle, white grape juice a bottle, hawthorn juice a bottle, Geely Ding powder, sweet taste, other processes, hours time, ordinary difficulty,

Tricolor jelly practice steps

1 red grape juice, a bottle of white grape juice, a bottle of hawthorn juice, a bottle of Geely Ding powder.

2 take 100ml red grape juice, add 5 grams of Giletin powder, soak for 1-2 minutes, it is high for 30 seconds into the microwave oven, and the liquid color changes to transparency.

3 Pour into the high wine cup, pay attention to the distribution, then put it into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

After the first layer of 4 and other layers, the 100ml hawthorn juice was added to 5 grams of Giletin powder, and the microwave furnace was turned 30 seconds to clear.

5 When you are cool, pour it into the first layer of jelly that has been solidified, and then put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

6 Finally, the white grape juice was obtained as the same method, and after cooling, poured in the second layer, put it into the refrigerator.


Pay attention to the production, there must be patience, must wait for each layer of jelly complete solidification, then pour it into the second layer of jelly, and the jelly allows to cool after cooling before you can pour it into the cup, because the hot jelly Dissolving condensed jelly, causing the layered unclear and influential.