Significant fish gum powder 9 grams, excipient water 00ml, milk 350ml, rock sugar, 30 grams of fast-soluble cappuccino, 15 grams of boiling water, sweet taste, boiled process, hourly time, ordinary difficulty,

Double-layer cappuccino jelly practical step

11 Prepare materials

22 Make milk jelly: fish glue powder into the water for materials, soak for 5 minutes, so that it contains moisture

Pour milk and rock sugar in 33 pots, stir it with a wooden spoon, so that the sugar is dissolved, it is about to boil.

44 Water step 2 by water dissolving

55 Add step 4 material to step 3

66 made coffee jelly: fish glue powder into the water used in the water, soak 5 minutes, so that it contains moisture, then heat dissolved by water dissolved card Puocino with 15 grams of water

In the 77 pot, 400 ml of water and rock sugar were poured, and then the step 6 was added immediately after boiling.

88 completely dissolved

99 Pour the fish glue powder of step 6 into step 8

1010 冻 冻 切 切 小

1111 placed in a bowl

1212 Pour the solution of step 9 into a bow of a bow in a bow, put it in the refrigerator, cold solidification for about 30 minutes

1313 ,,,,,

1414 Pour in several milk frozen and cappuccino solution to the refrigerator solidified for 40 minutes

1515 .. . . Finish