"Jelly is a popular food that is widely used in men and women. However, it is not as good as the safety and hygiene you bought from the outside, you can make a favorite jelly according to your own and children's preferences. Years of hot weather is one of the sun! "


Significant fluttering 30g, with a percentage of the leaf, white sugar, sweet taste, boiled process, Half hourly time, simple difficulty,

Fantasy cold jewelry practice steps

1 Ingredients: Yancan - 30g Chanilo Leaf - (Stirring Juice) White Sugar - Personal Time

2 Add water and Banland leaves, then boil it. Water requires 3 liters.

3 Cook it until water. This swallow must be cooked as a side to stir, and we will not stick to the bottom of the pot.

4 is then added to sugar.

5 is also cooked to water.

6 Stir the appropriate amount of water and the rose leaves together, filter the fragrant slag.

7 After pour the fragrance, turn off the fire immediately and stir evenly.

8 Pour into the container.

9 After all of the baboan is cold, it can be taken after the refrigerator is refrigerated.

10 finished graph @@ 梦幻 冰 果.

11 (In fact, I have a layer of green, but the finished product is not very clear. Just look at it is slightly shallow and dark)