"The Spring Festival is the season of strawberry. Because it is high nutritional value, it is especially suitable for spring health, it is hailed as" spring first fruit ". Strawberry contains special rich fruit aroma. Strawberry nutritional value is high, rich in vitamins C. Helps the efficacy of digestion. At the same time, strawberries can also consolidate the gums, fresh tones, moistening the throat. Today, this cake is the first roast after I am in the Spring Festival in 2011. If you don't pay the cook100 job oven is still sleeping ... 应 景 also makes a strawberry mous. It is not too successful. The jelly layer is a bit turbid, but the taste is good ... "


Sub-egg 4, 30 grams of milk, 100 grams of cheese, 90 grams of low-gluten flour, 50 grams of salad oil, 100 grams of fresh cream, 100 grams of yoghurt, 酸吉 2 pieces, 200 grams of strawberries, strawberry drink 150 ml, 1 piece of Geely Ding, 70 g of ingredients + 65 grams + 100 grams, milk flavor, baking process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Strawberry frozen mousse cake practice steps

1 Strawberry washed with 100 grams of sugar.

2 Add a marinated strawberries to the mixer.

3 Make a yogurt strawberry paste.

4 Geely Ding tablets with cold water separation, hot water dissolves into the strawberry paste.

5 fresh milk is distributed to 6 distribution.

6 cheese hot water hairpin no particle feathered.

7 Cheese is added to the strawberry yogurt fans and mix evenly.

8 Add to the hair cream in the cheese paste.

9 Stirring is evenly placed in the refrigerator.

10 Do a good cake, please see http://home.meishichina.com/space-30984-do-blog-id-48121.html

11 Cut the cake with a slice than the dot in the mold.

12 Put into the middle of the mold.

13 Pour in Mousse to the mold. Put it in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours.

14 Geilandin with cold water.

15 Strawberry beverages are mixed with sugar mix.

16 Soft Geely Ding in the drink.

17 Heating to Geely Sollation. Cool spare.

18 Refrigerated Mousse Surface Codes on Fresh Strawberry.

19 Pour the jelly into the refrigerator overnight. On the 2nd day, I took out the hot sparring in hot towel. It can be released smoothly.