"After entering the summer, I have been trying to jelly whole time, but I have never thought of doing tastes, so I have been dragging it last week to start doing. This time I chose watermelon and blood as a material, this Two kind fruit is also random I think that it is a bright green, but I think about the blonde slowly oxidation, causing a look at a red that after the jelly, and the green is not very conspicuous .. The only thing is worth Fortunately, I am still satisfied, there is sweet and sour, not very cold, quite suitable for me, this can not eat cold food in summer .. The benefits of jelly at home are the health, enjoyment, after all, now What is the cold drink is really can't be assured to eat, so people who like to eat jelly quickly try their own homemade. Take a small story: I sometimes use a spoon or chopsticks, but as a left-handed person, each I will put them on the left side. I look at it doesn't twist. I don't know if you look at it. "


Significant watermelon 180g, brotten 180g, white sugar 40g, glee, 10g, accessories cold water 40g, sweet taste, skill process, hourly time consumption, simple difficulty,

Watermelon jackerel lyophilus practice steps

1 Preparation of materials.

2 Watermelon cutting juicer juicer.

3 Filter the slag with the screen.

4 juicer with juicer.

5 Filtered the slag by using the screen.

6 Geiland with cold water.

7 Geilandine, white sugar plus 40g cold water boil.

8TWO juice poured into 20g Geely Ding.

The 9 cups poured into the watermelon juice 30g for 10 minutes.

10 Remove the green juice 30g for 10 minutes.

11 Take repeated until it is performed.

12 finished products.