"Kiwi, nourishing yin and lungs, is a delicious taste of slimming; with green tea powder is made of kiwi fresh fruit, the taste is very matched, the green tea is faint, kiwi is sweet and the kiwi is a little acid, very fresh sweet dessertThis jelly is not difficult to do, but I don't see it in the jelly, but it is the key! Ha ... "


Main material kiwi, green tea powder mode, water 390 grams, sugar 40 grams, 20 grams of accessories fish rubber powder, light flavor, boiled process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Kiwi peach jelly practical step

1 备

2 to boil water, put sugar and fish glue powder

3 Cook until the dissolve is dried until it is hot

4 Add green tea powder to mix uniform (use the cooking machine to get the foam)

5 take a plate to pour 100 grams of green tea frozen, pick up the refrigerator to solidify

6 Put the kiwi of the peeled slices in jelly

7 Carefully pour the green tea frozen liquid, pick up the refrigerator to solidify, this step repeats 2 times

8 take out the finished product

9 frozen trimmed into kiwi size, then put a kiwi to eat on top