"Mango alias: 果, 果, honey soul, fragrance Too worry, so the pro or do it yourself, so that you have satisfied the little cat in the family, and the safe and rest assured, it is really a good thing for TWO! "


Main material Mango juice 300g, mango grains 100g, cool water 50g, fine sugar 10g, fish film 3 tablets, sweet taste, other processes, hours time consumption, simple difficulty,

Mango jelly practical step

1 mango juice plus cold water, fine sugar mix, small heat is hot

2 fish plastic tablets with cool water soft water

3 Mango granules Add silicone mold, 3-4 each mold

4 Pour the boiled mango juice into the mold of mango granules, fill the mold

5 After the mango juice in the mold is cool, put it into the refrigerator for 3-4 hours, and the anti-buckle is demolded.


Note: 1. Mango juice can use the bottle of mango juice that can be bought in the supermarket, you can also fly a mango into juice. 2, according to personal preferences, you can change mango to other you like, such as: Yellow Turning, etc. Making jelly molds It is best to use safe and secure silicone mold, which is good to look good again.