"Go to the mall to buy something baby always think about buying a jelly to eat, don't know why she especially likes to eat jelly, I feel very expensive, and add more expensive, so I want to do it yourself, anyway,The dragon fruit of the red meat just bought, is also beautiful, and it is beautiful. "


200 grams of main dragon fruit, 14 grams of accessories, white sand sugar, sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Dragon fruit jelly practical step

1 dragon fruit peeled reel.

The 2TWO film is soaked in ice water.

3 Put the dialogan fruit in the stirring cup and pour 200 ml.

4 Stirring the juice.

5 Pour the dron fruit juice in the pan and heat it.

6 Heating and stirred sugar to stir into the glucofin.

7 Soft gelatine tablets make the pot, stir it to melt.

Add appropriate amount of dragon fruit in 8 cups.

9 Pour the dragon fruit juice into the cup, let it cool to warm hot and put it in the refrigerator.


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