"Italian milk -Panna Cotta is Italy's famous Desserts, the meaning of the name is" cooked cream ". It is very simple, but very delicious desserts. And it can be produced one night in advance, refrigerated after edible Before you take it out, you can add your favorite ingredients to change the taste of the milk. I really like the thick tea fragrance, you can be greaters and have a fragrance. "


Main material green tea powder 1 1/2 tea spoon, whipped cream 600ml, fine sugar 1/3 measuring cup, gelatin powder 3 tea spoon, vanilla 1/2 tea spoon, accessories milk 1/2 cup, sweet taste, boiled process , TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Green tea taste tasteful jelly practice steps

1 In a cooking pan, mix stirred with a small amount of oleaste and green tea powder.

2 Add the remaining cream, stir until no particles.

3 Add a sugar, stir it to sugar melting.

4 will then open the fire to add until boiled. Immediately from the fire.

5 Put the gelatin powder into a small bowl to add 1/4 meter of hot cream stir into a paste.

6 gel fused in the cream in the boiled pot, stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved, and then put it for 10 minutes.

7 cream liquid is sieved, add milk and vanilla, stir evenly.

8 Pour the prepared cream liquid into the glass or other container.

9 Cover the plastic wrap, put it into the refrigerator for at least 3 hours, or until freezing. Put the strawberry decoration.


1. Do a green tea paste is to be better dissolved in cream for green tea powder. It is also the truth that the gelatin powder is dissolved in a small amount of cream. 2. Vanilla can improve the fragrance of the milk. If it is not negligible. 3. The cream liquid sieve can ensure that the milk dried smoothly, and the taste is more delicate. 4. After pouring into the container, you can shock the big bubbles. Small bubbles can be used by a toothpick one by one. This milk is very smooth. 5. After the milk is completely freezed, it can be decorated at will. Plus the chopped strawberry, or sprinkle a layer of green tea powder, everyone gives a creative ~