"After the weather turned cold, the old man in the family rose blood pressure, busy hospital, mother-in-law, his family's three points, rushing, often in the mother-in-law, it is too late. Busy and living is small, inevitable I am a little fire, although the weather is cold, I still want to eat bitter gourd to drop the fire. Bitter gourd, raw food, the nutrients, more comprehensive, in recent years, research found that bitter gourd contained lipostatin, raw eating There is a weight loss effect, but it will be effective for 2 ~ 3 every day. If you eat, you can reduce some, the bitterness will reduce some, some people can accept, but some nutrients of bitter gourd Will lose. "


Significant bitter gourd, a bag of jelly powder, Wolfberry, 2 mango, other tastes, skill crafts, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice of bitter gourd water jelly

1 Preparing ingredients: bitter gourd, jelly powder, Wolfberry, mango

2wolfberry is washed, soak it with water

3 Wash the bitter gourd and cut the tip, don't lose it

4 Use chopsticks to stir in bitter gourd, pour melon

5 mango tanker cut small pieces spare

6 placed water in the pot

7 Pour the frozen powder into

8 boiled, let the jelly powder melt

9 slightly dried, pour the jelly juice and mango block into the hollow bitter gourd, signed with the teeth, fixed, fixed, standing to solidification

10 Put the bitter gourd, you can get on the table, the color is rich, it is not bad to wait for guests.


1. After the jelly powder is melted, it is necessary to cool it and pour it into the bitter gourd. 2, bitter gourd is clean and eaten, you can maintain the best nutrition. 3, the fruit inside can be replaced any.