"Winter is a season of oranges, use fresh orange juice to do jelly, sweet and smooth, add milk and sugar, and there are a lot of sourness of oranges. The warm afternoon is in the afternoon, the sun eats orange jelly jelly, really Leisure and comfortable. "


Mainly navel orange, 2 pieces of Geely Ding, 80g of milk, excipient fine sugar 30g, acid sweet taste, other processes, hours time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Milk orange jelly jelly practical step

1 Orange is cleaned on top of the top. Geely Ding film is ready to make in front.

2 Dig out the oranges of the orange, stir the mud with stirring juice.

3 Filter with the sieve and leave the orange juice.

4 milk pots are added to the milk and fine sugar, cook until the sugar dissolve, add a soft gelatine, stirred with a spoon to dissolve the gilly.

5 milk solution is placed after adding orange juice, mix it.

6 and then pour the milk orange juice into the orange, cover the cover, refrigerate into the fridge to solidify, you can take it out.


1. If the Geely Ding tablets cannot be fully dissolved, it can be opened slightly again. 2, the milk liquid is cool to warm addition of orange juice, it is possible to add orange juice to avoid the ingredients of orange juice.