"Mango jelly ice is actually like a snow that I have eaten before, because it will become jelly in the mouth, it will become a jelly, the taste is excellent, like the tongue, 嘻嘻, big love, fragrant Mango tastes, is the best choice for our small gathering time. When Ice is fluidization, it will grow soft soft with your tongue. He horses, because Grandma is eating light, so there is no way to melt, I If you want a child, you will be more like this fun, delicious ice cream, hehe! Dear, do you like this mango soft soft ice cream, you like you will pay attention! Hey! Mango jelly pudding is what you made. Due to the previous recipes, this is no longer detailed. If you want to learn to do mango jelly Pudding, you will go to my front view, you will go to the recipe! Welcome, my baby! "


The main amount of mango tastes the amount of jelly pudding powder, the amount of mineral water, the amount of white sugar, sweet taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulty,

Mango jelly ice cream practice steps

1 First clean the ice cream mold and dry it, spare!

2 There is also the mango jelly pudding before, I will no longer introduce Mango Jelly Pudding. If you want to learn, you can find it in the previous recipes, where there is a treasure, go to Let's, hehe!

3 Cut the jelly pudding to make a big piece! Oh, just like your tongue! Hey, this is the origin of the tongue, hehe!

4 cut into small pieces! spare! ! ! ! !

5 put the mango jelly small pieces into the ice cream mold!

6 Stir with chopsticks, let the jelly pudding into small granules! The taste will be very good!

7 is finished, plug in the ice cream stick, 嘻嘻, a large plate of mango jelly mold mold is completed, hehe! Success 90%! Below you will put our mold to the refrigerator to freeze! Looking forward to our tongue, Mr. Ice can be formed quickly. I will do other dishes. Today, I will give you some dishes. Special statements, the dishes in this blog are original, not allowed to be transferred. !

8 Delicious tongue has nothing to form, it is better to take it out with water, 嘻嘻, 嘻, ​​the children's favorite, painting tired, come and eat the tongue, I have gone, I realized childhood. hapiness!

9 嘻嘻, wonderful time requires us to find it quietly, happy life is on our excavation, childhood is there, don't give up for you!

10 I like it, I like you, pay attention to me!

11 There is no mango, use a lemon to set up, big love!

12 give you a child!

13 I like it, I like it, I will start it, my childhood is there, I don't leave you!


This childhood mango ice cream is full of childhood memories. I miss my grandmother to buy ice, my grandmother will give her this soft tongue. I haven't been ice. In fact, childhood has not been far away, he In your side, you don't give up, happiness, we are looking for, we are exhausted, but we don't carefully look at life, we expect a long time, happy cup, long happiness! I like this childhood memories, I like to collect, welcome everyone to collect, pay attention, welcome to exchange, I am on holiday, will update the travel notes, update the dishes, no segments, new books! Happiness wants to share with everyone! Jelly practices in the previous recipe, welcome to go to treasure hunt, to pay attention to my previous recipes, I will have fun, my previous recipe will become the food of the new recipe, here, not more, 嘻嘻, please Everyone understands, then all the characters in this blog are original, not allowed to use it without himself! Thanks! Mango ice cream said: "Love me, you will lick me, love me, hug me, love me, you will pay attention to me!" Hey, Guangjiao!