"Japan has produced many cool desserts, especially the dessert made with agar, not only refreshing, the appearance looks very cool, and then looks great after decoration with fresh fruit. This dessert is very delicious, hurry to do it. "


Ingredient agar 6 grams, white jade dumplings, 50 grams of fine sugar, honey red beans and home honey beans, candied chestnuts, vanilla and other taste ice cream appropriate amount, as the seasonal fruit, caramel sauce is appropriate amount (or no added) appropriate amount , Sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Delicious Japanese Dessert - Practice for Honey Beans Joose

1 pour in a small pot into water, agar heating, stir until boiling, cook for 3 minutes;

2 Turn the fire to add the sugar to mix;

3 Use the filter to filter the agar liquid into a medium-sized square container, and then put it into the refrigerator refrigeration;

4 The water slowly poured into a container containing glutinous rice powder, rubbed into the state of non-sticky pots;

5 is divided into a number of groups, and then the strip;

6 is a small piece of about 1 c m, in the palm of the hand, slightly press the center of the ball with a thumb;

7 Boiled pots, boil, down the dumplings, gently stir it with the leakage network to prevent the cylinder;

8 Keep the water for 2 minutes, and then cook for 1 minute after the soup is floating.

9. Require it immediately and put it on the filter.

10 Strawberry washed, soaked with light salt water for 10 minutes, washed with water to wash filtrate, and the orange peeled cut into a petal;

11 Prepare honey red beans and colored beans;

12 Remove the refrigerated agar, cut into a stype;

13 Put the appropriate amount of agar Ding at the bottom of the container, put on the dumplings, honey beans, oranges, strawberries, candied chestnuts, and finally put into ice cream, if you like it can be placed in caramel sauce;