Ingredients milk 240ml, light cream 100g, corn starch (millennium) 40g, white sugar 30-32G, coconut, 施 花 适, inemorrhizan, boiled process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulties,

Rose milk coconut frozen practice steps

11. Prepare a high temperature resistant container in advance, (I used the music buckle buckle square glass bowl) container washing clean, laying a layer of coconut, spare 2. 80ml milk and corn starch mixed (I like soft 30g of corn starch, I personally like 40g. Hardness is just) 23. Pour the remaining milk, whipped cream and white sugar in the pot, and stir the fire on the fire 4. Boiling in the pot At the time, the mixture of corn starch and milk is quickly stirred in the pot 5. Start now with high temperature-resistant shovel, the magical thing happens, and the original flow of the pot in just 5 seconds. The liquid becomes more and more viscous 36. It is a bit similar to paste, slightly solidified, and placed in a rose petal. Pack in the box, quickly poured into the container of the past coconut, 7. Cover the cover in the refrigerator for one night. , Cut into small pieces, all around the coconut, start to enjoy!


Milk 240ml (separated by 80ml and 160ml), light cream 100g, corn starch (chestnut powder) 40g (reduced 10g soft, personal do not like), white sugar 30-32g (more sweet), Coconut, 蓉碎, Luo Shi Rose petal