"Today, the cup of coconut juice mango is red tea frozen, and the sweet and juicy mango, Q the skin of the frozen bite, full of red tea, then come to a spoonful of ice-cool coconut juice, real It is too enjoyed! Understand more pictures and gourmet food production process, you can add WeChat public account "Ning Si", there is a new recipe release every week! "


The main material white lime powder, 2 large-scale farming mango, red tea, the amount of fine graph sugar, the amount of fine sugar, 300 grams of pure water, the appropriate amount of coconut juice, other tastes, boiled process, hours, simple difficulty,

Coconut mango red tea frozen practice steps

1 Make red tea frozen raw materials is white lime powder, which is sold in Taobao.

2 Take 10 grams of white and white sewed pour into the stainless steel basin.

3 Add an appropriate amount of fine sugar according to the personal taste.

4 Take an appropriate amount of black tea tea.

5 Boil the boiling water of 100 degrees.

6 Filter the tea after soaking, leaving only tea soup.

7 Prepare mango when you wait for tea soup to cool, I used the big farmandry.

8 Methods of field fangs take the mandrel.

9 Play the chopped mango to the bowl.

10 Will dry the red tea soup into the stainless steel basin that plague the gum and fine sugar, and place the stainless steel basin heating on the induction cooker.

11 Use a spoon to help stir, to be thawed and fine sugar to completely melt.

12 Take another container with red tea frozen or other shapes can also be poured into the hot black tea soup.

13 Let the red tea soup cool the solidified results freezing, put it into the refrigerator refrigerator to accelerate the solidification speed.

14 Before eating, use a knife to use the black tea.

15 pour the right amount of red tea freeze.

16 Prepare coconut juice.

17 Pour the appropriate amount of red tea in the cup.

18 Pour the appropriate amount of coconut juice.

19 Finally add the right amount of mango.

20 If you share with friends, you can pack it with a one-time yogurt box, and the taste after the refrigerator is better.