"This snowflake Glutinous Rice Cakes is like a coconut, looking like snowflakes, very beautiful ~ It is very healthy. The filling is a bean pan stuffed, very delicious, the filling can also be changed according to the individual. This Glutinous Rice Cakes just steamed, it is particularly delicious, soft, it may be slightly hard after refrigerating, when eating, use a microwave oven, still soft ~ "


Ingredients GLUTINOUS RICE Powder 200g, fine sugar 30g, water 295g, coconut, adjuvant powder 40g, salad oil 65g, bean sand stuff, sweet taste, other processes, hours, ordinary difficulty,

Snowflake Glutinous Rice Cakes Practice Steps

1 Mix the glutinous rice powder, clant, sugar, oil and water mix well into a batter.

2 Steam in the steam of 20 minutes to the batter maturation. The dough is then cooled to the temperature which can operate. (Tips is used in glass bowl steaming, it must be high temperature resistant special material)

3 Sprinkle a layer of coconut standby on the fiber mat.

4 Stretch the dough out of the tile in Coconut

5 Because Glutinous Rice is very sticky, it is not easy to shape, we can lay a layer of plastic wrap on the top of the dough, slightly, slightly, slightly.

6 We put the right amount of bean sand felt growth strips on the dough.

7 Roll up the wrapped bean sand filling, cut the dough when the package is completed, and then spread into the bean pan stuffed, and roll up until the dough roll.

8 Cut the part before and after the Glutinous Rice strip

9 Then cut into a small section on a uniform layer of coconut, and the delicious Glutinous Ric is completed.


[Precautions]: 1. This snoring may be slightly hard after sealing the refrigeration, and it can be eaten after heating the temperature in the microwave oven. 2. The dough that just came out is very hot, and then began to make it.