"The main ingredients of the turtle cream are: land yellow, soil, gold and silver, licorice, etc. The turtle cream has the characteristics of low calories, low fat, low cholesterol. Turtle paste has nourishing yin moistening, reducing the fire and dispersing, clean and hot, cool Blood detoxification, the effect of the mount of the mount. Honey bean turtle cream, with honey bean, seasonal fresh fruit, honey water, very refreshing, is suitable for summer heat. "


Main material turtle paste powder 60 grams, excipient pure water 1280ml, honey 30 grams, honey beans, 50 grams of fresh fruit, sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for honey bean turtle paste

1 Prepare raw materials;

2 Take the turtle cream into a bowl;

3 Add 280mL, mix the turtle paste powder into smooth paste, no particles;

4 Pour 1000ml pure water in the cooking pot, after boil, slowly pour the mixed turtle paste, and stir it to stick, to viscous, and take a small bubble after the pot;

5 Pour the turtle paste paste into the container, and then solidify after drying;

6 cut the turtle cream, mix into honey beans, seasonal fresh fruit, honey water can eat.


When the turtle paste powder is mixed, it must be mixed, no particles.