"The role and effect of turtle paste can be described as much, basically not separated from heat, dampness, detoxification. The turtle cream is actually a variety of Chinese herbal medicines, so it is called turtle cream. It is mild, not Cool, have heat-saving and wet, Wangzuo muscles, stop itching, go to acne, rushing, nourishing yin, kidney, nourishing god, etc. Runfei and cough, beauty and beauty and nourishing the kidney. Especially patients with sickness, hemorrhoids, scorpions and constipation, usually eat a little turtle paste, can achieve a very effective improvement effect. Weather Hot, the body sweating increases, if there is no time to supplement moisture, the body will appear on the symptoms of fire, or the food in the usual diet is more likely to cause the body's discomfort. Watching ice cream or ice water The body can cause damage, so in summer, it is often prepared to be more mild, and food is not irritating to the spleen and stomach. For example, you can cook some ume juice, flower fruit tea, and prepare for drinking ice. If you like to eat cold dessert, you can use some ice porridge, or the turtle cream is ready to eat. Homemade turtle cream is not too convenient, some ingredients are more difficult to buy. But now there is a Half finished turtle paste powder, The taste is also very good. The production is simple and convenient. The boiled turtle cream is very delicious with honey, juice, or coconut juice. Today, I will introduce a turtle cream with coconut juice. "


Main material turtle paste powder 20 grams, amount of granulated sugar, 200 grams of milk, 400 grams of water, 200 grams of coconut juice, sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice of coconut turtle paste

1 Turtle cream powder into a large bowl, use the ratio of powder and water in the instructions.

2 Add graded sugar, stir it to sugar melting, and the powder is not a state of the particles. Do not like to add sugar, you can use the water to make the turtle paste powder to make the original taste. The northerners may not be too easy to accept the taste of the original turtle paste, so I usually add sugar to boil.

3 mixed turtle cream water into the pot, open fire and heat, and stir during the period.

4 is cooked to boiling, the soup is thick.

5 turned the fire, poured into a container that was not afraid of hot, and naturally cooled into the refrigerator.

6 At the same time, put the coconut juice, milk 1: 1, add rock sugar, boil a milk coconut juice, and let the refrigerator are refrigerated together.

7 When you eat, remove the solidified turtle cream, cut into pieces, into the cup, pour the refrigerated milk coconut juice inside.

8 finished product

9 finished product