"The weather is getting hotter, ice-cold, becomes a hot pet, do a cool jelly, add the fruits you like, feel great. The cherry is delicious, the juice is very meat, is a fruit we like very much. In addition to having a beautiful taste, iron element content of cherry, 4-5 times the vitamin A is more than grapes, apples, oranges. Carotene content is 4 to 5 times more carotenoids, apples, oranges. In addition, cherry There is also a mineral element such as vitamin B, C and calcium, phosphorus.


Main material big cherry, 100 grams of milk, 100 grams of mineral water, 20 grams of sugar, 1 piece of Jilakin (5 g / piece), sweet taste, skill technology, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Cherry jelly practical step

1 Prepare milk.

2 Put 1HALF white sugar.

3 Geilandin with cool water.

4 Put 1HALF's Geely Ding tablets in milk, heat it heat until the sugar and Geely Titone are completely dissolved.

5 Operation of mineral water and milk.

6 Prepare the big cherry.

7 Remove, cut into granules.

8 First pour the milk into the jelly bottle, put the refrigerator, then pour it into the water layer, put into the cherry, put it in the refrigerator again, then pour the milk, then pour it after solidification.


After the bottom of the milk is solidified, then prepare the cherries, so as not to prepare the fruit color change too early.