"Almond TOFU is a very famous Beijing specialty snack. After sweet almond grinding, add water to boil, cut into pieces after freezing, and be named to TOFU. But the method of making almond TOFU is also known as the production area. Difference. Almond is the nuclear benevolent of Almond Fruit, containing 20% ​​of the protein, no starch, sweet almond is biased, has a certain supplement of the lungs. Correctly eat almonds, can reach the 津 津 止 渴, 定, 定, Welcomes, reduce the efficacy of intestinal cancer, but excessive clothing almond (whether it is suffering or sweet) will cause poisoning, so you must soak it multiple times in the water before you eat, and heat it. Do a good almond TOFU can put a refrigerator Refrigerated, when you eat, you can grave the osmant sugar, the tender and smooth, beautiful dessert, ingredients: 80 grams of apricot, white sugar, 40 grams of milk powder, 35 grams of agar, water 1500ml ingredients: osmanthus sugar, honey is appropriate


Main 料 杏 80 grams, 80 grams of white sugar, 40 grams of milk powder, 35 grams of agar, 1500ml of water, osmanthus sugar, honey, sweet taste, boiled process, hourly time, ordinary difficulty,

Almond TOFU practice steps

1 agar with blisters soft.

2 almonds with a proper amount of water.

1000 ml of water and almond sheets were added to the 3 cube.

4 The laying almond pulp is sieved into the pan, adding white sugar.

5 Add milk powder.

6 Stirring uniform on the pan for 2 minutes.

7 agar cooked with 500 ml clear water.

8 After sie, add step 6 to cook the almond pulp.

9 Pour into the mold and cool the mold. After cooling into the refrigerator, it is better after 2 hours.

10 After the formation, it is released on the board. Sliced ​​small pieces.

11 osmanthus sugar Add honey, a little boiling water and open.

12 pack bowls, you can enjoy it.


1. The good almond paste is sieved, and the almond Tofu made more delicate. 2. When cooking agar, use chopsticks to not stop stirring. 3, agar water must be sieved, because there will be less agar solubilization insufficient. 4, can be eaten with water candy water, or add water.