"Put the summer vacation, give your child a good drop ~"


Main material soft sugar mode (QQ sugar), accessories lemon soda mode, other taste, other processes, one hour, simple difficulty,

Rainbow pudding practice steps

11. Prepare materials, prepare different tastes of QQ sugar according to your own preference;

22. Soak the taste QQ sugar with lemonade in the container according to 1: 2.5;

33. Small fire is cooked with a container with QQ sugar and lemonade, and it is constantly stirred into a liquid shape;

44. In the glass, the refrigerator is placed in the refrigerator, the solidification is about 15 minutes;

55. Wait a color, then do another color, one color.


1, the ratio of QQ sugar and soda can be adjusted according to self-proposed preferences.2. If you like milk, you can change the soda to milk.