"The season of blueberry is coming, the small blueberry is price reduction, 18 a pounds, fruit sauce is born (¯ ㅂ ԅ ԅ)."


Significant blueberry 600g, excipient lemon, 60g of sugar, sweet taste, boiled process, hour time, simple difficulty,

Homemade Blueberry Sauce Practice Steps

1 Blueberry cleaning, dry water.

2 Blueberry Potted, add white sugar, bring gloves, and squeeze fruit.

3 stand for 30 minutes, pick it up.

4 lemon cut, extruded lemon juice.

5 Blueberry Slurring is made with a small fire, keep stirring, sauce juice is adequately added to the lemon juice.Sauce juice, can hang the spoon, ceasefire.

6 finished products.