"It is said that cherry is the king of iron, now is picking season. There are many cherry trees in the child's unit, and they have never taken medicine."


Significant cherry juice 2 pounds, excipient white sugar 8TWO, sweet taste, other processes, hours time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for homemade cherry fruit sauce

1 self-made cherries.

2 a large pot.

3 is clear.

4 grasp the hand.

5 Cherry juice. Be careful not to get it, can't wash it.

62 catties juice put 8TWO white sugar. White sugar is the best preservative. There is no problem in the refrigerator, the premise is that you can't get water every time you use it.

7 put the cherry meter of sugar. When the head is 20 minutes, it is stirred out of time. There is no tube that doesn't take care of it is the material in the cherry.

After 8HALF hours, you should look tight and continuously install the stir. Waiting until the second bubble is the melting of sugar begins. I can't see it. I will take a small fire on the last child, and I will go down. I have been to your desired concentration.

9 bottles should be steamed 5 minutes with steamer in advance.

10 Good fruit sauce, immediately bottled. The opening is cold and sealed, and the refrigerator is put.

11 First let's take a sanchi, sauce, especially sweet.

12 Cup of cherry juice. Drinking yourself.


The time is short, and there is no adhesive glue. It's time to get a long time, and it is a sugar. To master a fire, this is a slow life.