"I bought 10 parsées a few days ago. The next day, heavy rain was trapped at home. I didn't go to work. I have always wanted to do sauce. I have never practiced it. I think I try to try to try to have a hundred fragrance sauce. Each time Eating hundreds of sweet fruit is dug fruit and throwing the peel, and I have always feel very wasted, so I will add it together when I have sauce. I also cheated the information. The nutritional value of the passion fruit is also very high. Direct Throwing away simply don't waste. The color of the finished product drawing is still very beautiful. Delicious it is done, only a little bit in the bowl. "


Main material 300g, lemon, 1 accessories, rock sugar, fruit taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulty,

Practical steps for passion fruit sauce

1 First disinfection, including spoons, pots, and fruit sauce, etc., the tools that need to be used, guarantee that there is no water-free oil-free, and the fruit sauce can save for a long time.

2 Prepare the ingredients of production fruit sauce.

300 full of fruit washing and digging from juice, adding rock sugar and lemon juice, putting it into the refrigerator.

4 Put the peel digging the flesh into the pan and boil, boil the peel inside, can easily dig out the spoon, and the outermost shell is not.

5 Put the peel that digs into the mud with the cuisine machine, a little bit of water, and the cooking machine can be touched. (The water of the cooking shell I wanted to pour it, then add some sugar directly when driving water, the taste is also good). Put it in the pot, add the rock sugar, and have been cooked with rock sugar, cook until the stick is sticky. If you don't stop the spoon, your personal feeling is better, the whole process uses a small fire to prevent confusion .

6 After cooking, after adding the brown fruit meat for refrigerating, stir it to completely mix, open fire again (all the way, use a small fire), fire the mixture to the juice, do not stop using a spoon, have arrived, the sauce is viscous, fruit sauce You can hide the spoon.

7 Cook until this is almost the same.

8 After cooking, turn the fire, take the bottle hot, and then cool it into the refrigerator.


Note: 1 2, fruit sauce wants to heat the bottle, after installing it directly, completely cooling, then falling, the general bottle is no problem, the vacuum (the vacuum state is to see if the bottle cover is not concave). 3. It is estimated that it can be stored in Half. There is no calculation.