"The black cloth bought by my husband is too sour, I will make it sauce. Natural health is not added, use another way to let the brood forest become delicious!"


The main material Black Brill is three, accessories, rock sugar, 150g, acid sweet taste, boiled process, hourly time consumption, simple difficulty,

Practice of black cloth fruit sauce

1 Wash the black cloth, remove the skin, cut into small pieces.

2 Put the cut black cloth in a larger container, sprinkle with rock sugar, stir well, seal the plastic film or cover the cover, put it into the refrigerator to pick up the water for 2-3 hours (summer must put a refrigerator in the summer. .

3 This is an hour later.

4 The appearance of three hours later.

5 Pour into the pot, open the smallest fire, do not add water directly. During the period, the bubbles who have emerged during cooking.

6 After the bubble, the process of stirring during the cooking, the process of stirring is important, because the sauce has gradually formed, and it is easy to stick to the bottom without stirring.

7 When the stir bar is very clear, the fruit sauce is already done. It is hitting the fire to pour the hot container, cover the cover.

8 afternoon tea is good.

9 and soda biscuits are particularly equipped with sour and sweet.


1. Summer pickled out water must put the refrigerator, otherwise it will search. 2. Putting the refrigerator effluent is the necessary path of fruits with high water content, and cannot be omitted. 3. Be sure to keep the stirred fruit of sauce. 4, habits doing low-sugar little friends, don't lower too much sugar when you do Sauce, not easy to shape, and some sour ingredients are delicious.