Sign in Lemon, 4 egg yolks, 200g of sugar, 40g of accessories, sweet taste, boiled process, one hour, simple difficulty,

Practice for lemon sauce

1 Lemon first with salt water, washed in the epidermal Some salt, washed the wax on the surface of the lemon.

2 Then use the shader to shake the lemon into the bowl, it is the yellow skin of the lemon, white is very bitter, so we don't.

3 The remaining lemons are cut into Twohalf, pressed into lemon juice, and the lemon juice squeezed into the lemonbread.

4 Pour the lemon juice into the milk pot, the sugar is also following the pot, we open a small fire to boil.

5 while stirring while heating, cook until the sugar is completely melted, and immediately shut down.

6 The prepared eggs also uses a small egg to make it clear.

7 pay attention! ! Now is a fire state, the sputum is poured into the milk pot at a point, and the firing is quickly stirred while the temperature is relatively high. It is easy to heat the egg into the egg flower, so it will definitely It is necessary to fall down and stir it quickly.

8 and then boiling again to boil, cook until a more thick state, and must not stop the adhesive.

9 At this time, immediately from the fire, then add butter, use the temperature in the pot, stir it with a small spoon to complete melt.

10 Finally, we can use the good lemon sauce to be hot into the sealed tank, and the sealing can use boiling water to cook high temperature, and dry the moisture.


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