"Mango is the favorite fruit of the family, mango listed season, mango is also particularly sweet, so do sauce, I put more sugar, parents can put sugar according to their own taste. In addition, this mango sauce is doing with bread machine After the first fruit sauce program is completed, the feeling of sauce is not too thick, so pressing a program in accordance with his adhesive Sauce's viscosity preferences. Sure enough, sauce is very in line with your own taste, and is pure Natural delicious. (Baidu) Mango is one of the famous tropical fruits, mango fruit contains sugar, protein, crude fiber, and mango's precursor carrot-containing ingredients are particularly high, which is rare in all fruit. Second vitamin C The content is not low. Minerals, proteins, fats, sugars, etc., are also their main nutrients. "


Significant mango 4, excipient granulated sugar, lemon, sour taste, other processes, hours, ordinary difficulty,

Practices for homemade pure natural mang fruit sauce

1 Prepare the ingredients.

2 mango cut.

3 flesh dug.

4 set the sauce program in the bucket of mango meat.

5 is squeezed into lemon juice in the middle.

6 Put the sugar.

7 I used Two times sauce program, and the viscosity of sauce is shown.


The program can be set according to its own compactous Sauce.