"This papaya milk pudding is my big love with the girlfriend, the beauty who likes dessert can try, simple and delicious."


Animal papaya, auxiliary milk, a bag of milk, three spoons of white sugar, three spoons of pudding powder, milk flavor, other processes, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Papaya milk pudding step

1 papaya wash the top of the top to show seed, the first time I underestimate the thickness of papaya, so cut the TWO knife

2 Use a spoon to put papaya seeds, must be clean. The papaya I bought is ripe, some tendon, I also gave it together.

3 Milk is adding sugar, then puts into the pudding powder, stir well, then heat, do not boil, then the warmth is poured into the papaya (this step forgetting the picture, 嘿) Papaya can put into a bowl, increase stability.

4 cover the lid, wrap it up with a plastic film, put it into the refrigerator to refrigerate about a Two hour.

5 After doing good, the papaya can enjoy the delicious dairy, the entrance is sweet, and the papaya does not lose the original taste, it is really old and young.


It is necessary to remind: When doing a good cut, papaya and milkbut are easily separated, and you need to pay attention. Old people eat suggestions do not put sugar