"Eat egg tarts, don't like to eat the hand of the skin, oh, you still have you. This is also my big treasure and my sister. These two people are very strange. He is both each time. I will take a stuff and then I will stay there. So many times I will bake a tartary liquid. This talent is simple and very varied. Today I only use milk, eggs, and white sugar Come to taste, taste is really good, you can try it. It is very pleasant with a sugar, and the sweetness is plus, not sweet, and it's ok, you can also bake salty. "


Sub-egg 2, pure milk 150 grams, excipient white sugar 1 teaspoon, sweet taste, roasted process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Practices for roasted egg pudding

1 Preparation of ingredients used.

2 Add eggs to sugar and hit the saccharification.

3 As shown in the picture, it is easier to combat the cottondrose.

4 Add milk and continue to mix.

5 Filter the laying egg to filter into the container.

6 into the oven for 25 minutes.

7 This is a roast egg pudding.


Friends should pay attention to use sugar, you will add more and less. The good pudding liquid is filtered, so the pudding baked out will be more smooth.