"When the pudding is slippery, the thickness of the caramel is smooth, the taste is smooth, the taste is sweet and not greasy. Let me think of happiness! So you deserve a happy taste! This is four quantities, I want to do 2Parents can reduce HALF "


Main material egg yolk 3, 225 grams of whipped cream, 75 grams of excipient milk, 20 grams of granulated sugar, milk flavor, roasted process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

French caramel pudding practice steps

1 Pour milk, light cream, and granulated sugar, pour it into the milk pot, heating to the sugar, completely melting, this period can take the egg to stir a few times, ready to use the fire

2 points three egg yolk

3 Egg Liquid is mixed with egg sauce, pour the cool milk liquid 2 times into the egg liquid and stir evenly

4 filtered the stirred pudding liquid to filter the bubbles and bubbles.

The 5 baking tray is placed in Half inch water, grilled with a water bath, which is four copies, put into the bowl.

6170 degrees, middle, 30 minutes, that is, 20 minutes to 25 minutes, it is observed, starting slowly with caramel color.

7 is released, the lovely pudding is completed.

8 refrigerators are better after refrigerating!