"Strawberry season, strawberry pudding naturally can't miss it. This two-color pudding is used to strawberry and cream, red and white. The theme of this contest is color, then use strawberry color to make a red. Cut the cup while tilting the cup Inject the pudding liquid, this seems to be dynamic, and the three-dimensional feelings are also stronger. When making the strawberry pudding liquid is filtered, the color of the finished product is more beautiful, but it is Of course, the color is slightly darker. The small bottle in the finished product is not filtered, the color is slightly. "


Ingredients milk 100g, light cream 100g, strawberry 200g, sugar 15g, cotton glycogen 1 spoon, ice powder 10g, excipient Geely Tie 2, fruity taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Strawberry cream two-color pudding practice steps

1 Geely Ding film with ice bubble soft standby

2 Light cream and milk are placed in the pot, add 10 grams of rose powder, stir evenly

3 After boiling, add Jilandin tablets, stir well

4 cups are tilted, pour the cream pudding into the cup, refrigerator refrigerated to solidification

5 strawberry sugar marinated to the soup

6 small fire cook until strawberry softened. If the soup can add less water, I don't add water.

7 Stuffed into a paste

8 net screen filtration, so color better

9 Put the Geely Ding tablets and stir it to softened, then add a spoonful of cotton glyge. It is the creamy marshmallow, I use caramel.

10 thoroughly stir well and become strawberry pudding fluid

11 put the thick cream pudding cup flat, poured into strawberry pudding, then continue the refrigerator to refrigerate to solidification

12 dig a spoonful of strawberry pudding, sweet and sour

13 At the same time, dig the TWO taste of the flavor, the flavor flavor is integrated with each other, and the taste is smooth.


Geely Ding tablets are 5 grams per piece or can also be replaced with an equal amount of Geely Ding powder.