"The pudding sold in the store has seven seven eight eight additions, for the health of the baby, doing yourself, in fact, the pudding is super simple, no need to feel very complicated"


Ingredients milk 400ml, light cream 150ml, egg yolk 3, sweet bean moderate, refine milk mode, excipient sugar powder mode, sweet taste, steam process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Honey bean milk egg pudding steps

1 I only choose the egg yolk, because I feel that the egg white is added to the milk will have a smell. If there is a fragrance of fragrance or lemon juice, I can use all eggs.

2 egg yolk add white sugar or appropriate amount of sugar powder, gently stir, do not send

3 Find a container that can be heated, first pour milk, evenly heat 40 degrees

4 light cream poured into milk

5 egg liquid poured into the milk mixed liquid

6 sieve

7 After the sieve, the liquid poured into the pudding bottle / Pudding bowl steamer steamer (turn it down today, the bottle cover is directly steamed, the cover is contracted after the pan is contracted)

8 out of pot, cool, put the honey beans, the surface is dripping some kind of refinement increases sweet taste

9 has not yet refrigerated, and the birrel will not wait to take the light of the pudding in the small bowl. Partial seal in the refrigerator.


1, there is no light cream, it doesn't matter. Pure milk plus eggs can make delicious Pudding oh 2, steamed pudding can join the fruit or fruit Sauce ingredients with his own taste 3, I am saving time to steam, The oven grilled when it is estimated to be HALF hours