Ingredients milk 300g, light cream 100g, protein 100g, excipient fine sugar 40g, milky flavor, steam process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Xiwu Special Milk Pudding Procedure

1 Prepare the required materials

2 milk, sugar, light cream mix, heated to sugar solubilization, will turn off when it is boiling.3 Add egg white and stir well.

4 poured into the small glass bottle.

5 Cover a layer of tin paper.

6 Put the warm-up WESTINGHOUSE WTO-PC2801 oven, select pure steaming mode, the baking tray adds to the maximum amount of water, 100 degrees of water bath, 20 minutes, steaming to the solid is OK.


1. When adding eggs, be sure to stir, prevent protein cooked 2. Cover a layer of tin paper to prevent steaming from entering moisture 3. You can sprinkle a layer of honey beans, so better.