"This is very simple, the raspberry sauce is homemade bought by the raspberry, and finally sent it a few days. Plus California raisin, natural sweet taste, eat it, it will not be greasy ~ It is said that this raisins are 0 fats, 0 cholesterol, often prepared to eat cardiovascular disease ~ "


Ingredients, 200ml, lychee juice 60 grams, Treasser sauce60 gram, California raisin, 6 grams of Geely Ding, 2 青 提, 120 grams of light cream, 12 grams of fine sugar, sweet taste, frozen craft, three At the time of time, ordinary difficulty,

Pudding of raisin litchi barberry pudding

1 ready for ingredients

2 Geely Ding tablets with cold water

3 lychee to shell take the meat juice

4 squeezed juice

5 Prepare trees berry sauce and lychee juice

6 Geely Titzoidal water melted into gillyine

The 7200ml cocktail is separated from the berry sauce, and the lychee juice is mixed uniform, and then pour it into the gillyine mix.

8 ready to cup

9 pour the raspberry pudding liquid, put the refrigerator and refrigerated

10 Take out the addition of the appropriate amount of Raisas, I use Mary Anne this type.

11 pour the lychee pudding, put the refrigerator and refrigerated

12 light cream add fine sugar to send

13 squeezing the cup, decorate the blue tattoo and the raisins of California

14 finished products