"This double rice pudding is made of rice millet egg milk, nutrients, with simple grain, healthy, and eat this bowl of pudding with the brothers upstairs for more than 8 months. Jane is Jane baby, mother has been eating good fortune, baby for more than 5 months, never watched doctors. The body is the capital of the revolution, the food is the body's support, the baby is working from every good grain "


Main material rice 80g, millet 80g, egg 1, milk 50ml, excipient water 400ml, milk flavor, steam process, three times, normal difficulty,

Shuangmian dairy patch baby complementary food practice steps

1 ingredients: Simple long silk 80 grams simple collapsed building millet 80 grams of pure milk 50ml egg 1

2 Chang Xiangshi rice collapsed building Xiaomi water 400ml together to the Soybean Milk machine, choose the rice paste, the Soybean Milk automatically breaks the wall, cooked, about 15 minutes, takes about 80ml. There will be many, however, when I have breakfast, steamed a few Steamed Bunsbaozi, and adult breakfast is also available.

3 Eggs a hit bowl, stir evenly.

4 pour 50ml pure milk again stir

5 加米 糊 80ml continues to stir, all materials are mixed.

6 mixed double rice pudding fluids, filtering out the raw materials of the screen, so that the mouth is more delicate

7 find a nice bowl, pour the pentaded liquid into the bowl

8 Take the plastic wrap, use the teeth to sign a few holes in the steamer in the steamer, steamed 20 minutes. (Home in the fresh film is just out, I use a fresh bag, haha, it is a bit ugly.

9 steamed it, just 5 minutes, take it out to put warm heat, you can eat it. This pudding QQ, if adults also like to eat more.