Main material Mango pudding powder 35 grams, excipient water 140 grams, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Mango small pudding practice steps

1 Pudding powder, mold ready.

2 pudding powder, water, respectively.

3 boiled to boiling.

4 Quickly poured into the pudding powder and stir well.

5 Put the small bubble in the table, pour into the container.

6 Pour into the mold in turn, refrigerate into the refrigerator to completely solidify.

7. After the shape is fixed, it can be released into the disk.

8 finished graph.

9 Exquisite and cute.

10 Ib and smooth.


Mold: The positive longgrass group is also used to make chocolate.Every group has a lovely expression, making a chocolate will be more obvious.After the refrigeration is fixed, the finger is pushed up to the mold.Pudding powder can be replaced with other tastes.