"In order to consume light cream to do this cream Pudding, it is one of the rapid consumption of light oil oil. Generally speaking, if you bought a large box of light cream, you must want to save and quickly consume, so as not to waste It is said that the preservation of whipped cream and does not want to make a cream cake, rapidly consume the way: After the air inside, the cotton ball is wiped with the cotton ball, then wrap the incision with tin foil, then clamp it with the clip, put it into the refrigerator, no problem for one month (each time you use a series) I can do the longest in nearly 40 days. 2, you can do this cream Pudding, you can do ice cream in summer, ice cream, etc., you will use a lot of light cream .3, you can make bread and cake (not Cream wipes), egg tarts, cream pasteol, etc.4, can be caramel cream sauce, this is also a lot of ways to consume light cream, used to wipe the divers, or very good milk. (I just just a few days ago Made this caramel cream sauce, see a finished product map tomorrow) 5. If you don't consume it, you can directly divide a small fragrance, you can't do anything (I tried), you can do it. Temporarily Think of this, welcome everyone to mention and add. "


Significant oil 200g, 4 egg yolk, 100 grams of milk, 20 grams of excipients, 30 grams of white sugar, milk flavor, roasted craft, three times, simple difficulty,

Pudding of cream pudding

1 weigh all raw materials.

2 Put the light cream, milk, milk, white sugar into a small pot, and stir it with a manual egg to stir to sugar completely melted from fire.

3 Splease the egg yolk is uniform.

4 Take the water to dry the water to add the dispersion egg yolk.

5 Stuffed with manual eggs.

6 sieves it more delicate.

7 Load the pudding mold, then put it in the added boasts, and if there is a spurray to teeth with a large bubble.

8 The oven is preheated in advance of 165 degrees in a middle layer of 25 minutes, and the rotation of 190 degrees roast 5 minutes to the surface.

9 finished product map

10 finished chart


1. The baking pudding is better after 1 hour after refrigeration. 2, the baking temperature is adjusted according to its own oven.