"Persimmons are all the best to eat, you can eat it directly; in my hometown persimmon, it is usually used to get dried persimmons, or pick up the sweet persimmon vinegar, this TWO species is time, temporarily doingCome out, I can only make a persimmon pudding. "


Significant persimmmon 2, milk 60g, honey, excipient giger 3g, sweet taste, frozen process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Pudding of persimmon pudding

1 ingredients ready

2 Geely Ding tablets with cold water

3 persimmon meat with a spoon carefully

4 add a spoonful honey

5 Bubble soft gelatine placed in hot milk and mix well

6 milk persimmon flesh and mix well together

7 in persimmon empty shell

8 refrigerated 2 hours

9 finished products