"Egg milk pudding, change the traditional baking practice, use the steaming practice, not angry, convenient, old, solemn, especially the baby is more suitable, smooth."


Sign in eggs, 250ml of milk, 40 grams of sugar, a few pieces of vanilla (not omitted), milk flavor, steam process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Steamed egg milk pudding

1 Requirements.

2 milk and white sugar poured into the milk pot, and the gas stove was stirred with a small fire to dissolve the fire.(Never cook)

3 Add egg stirring to melt.

4 Prepare the appropriate amount of pudding cups.

5 Pudding filtrate into the pudding cup.

6 The pot is brought into the water to boil, put it into the pudding cup of liquid to cover the lid, and steam for 8 minutes with a fire.(Pudding Cup is best to cover the plate to prevent vapor water drop)

7 finished products.