"Milk Mango Pudding. Mango's mango is a bit more, the two don't eat, change it to see if you can consume, so I have done this milk mango, ultimately delicious. Children come back from kindergarten I have eaten three or four, I originally think that it is to make a child, try to taste a bite, taste the stunning, full of milk and mango's sweetness, taste one level, talk about multiple q bombs, But silky and delicate, too delicious, like this cool and sweet catch ~ "


Main material Big mango 1 Half, Tong Su milk a box, accessories Geely Ding Powder 20 grams, a spoonful of sugar, water Half bowl, sweet taste, other processes, hours time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Milk mango pudding practice steps

1 Put the mango peeling meat, the best way is to cut a knife along the place close to the nucleus, the part of the separation, the inner cross-crossing, then take the steps of the flesh along the peel.

2 Put the appropriate amount of mango block into the small mold, which can be a jelly mold or a cake mold, preferably such silica gel, is particularly easy.

3 The remaining mango block plus the HALF box Tomb Suil into the cooking machine together (the juice machine, the mixer, the duct), ready to break.

4 to make delicate mango milkshake.

5 Join 20 grams of Jillyine powder in the Half bowl temperature water. (I also don't quite clear the mixing ratio of Geely Dishi and Liquid and the proportion of solidification, so the insurance is in the case, I use the Two bag is 20 grams of Jillyine powder, I would rather a little more)

6 Stir with chopsticks, so that Geely dicycle is dissolved in warm water (no more than 60 degrees water temperature).

7 Pour the remaining HALF box milk into the bowl, add a spoonful white sugar, mango itself has a sweet taste, and the amount is more flexible, and according to his own taste.

8 Put it into the microwave to heat for a few seconds to dissolve the white sugar.

9 In the solution of the previous step into the solution of Geely Pink, if the milk can be dried first (dry until no more than 60 degrees), it is mixed with the gillyine solution because more than 60 degrees will affect the role of Geely Ding powder.

10 Pour the mixed liquid of the milk and gelatin solution of the previous step and pour it into mamens.

11 Stir mix with chopsticks.

12 Dispensing the previous mixing liquid into the mold.

13 Put it into the refrigerator for 4 hours.

14 It is solidified from the refrigerator, which can be released.

15 It can be eaten in the release of the applet.